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Web Design Agency Kent | Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Web design agency Kent, Man or Mouse Studio Ltd, has been in operation since the very beginning of the Internet. Whether you need a simple cost-conscious static website of just a few pages or a multi-layer website with e-commerce and CRM, we have examples to show. We never forget that a website is often the first encounter one has with an organisation, either as a buyer, a seller or a user, so we always endeavour to create a site which is engaging and appealing, whatever the subject matter. We can build websites using the Umbraco or WordPress open source platforms or we can programme bespoke. All the websites we design and develop are responsive and optimised for viewing on all devices, including PCs, tablets and smartphones. Explore some of our projects below.

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Creative Kent Web Design For All Industries

As a leading web design agency Kent, we have designed and built websites for many very different industries from driven pheasant shooting to IT security, and a performing arts college to car restoration. Although all very different industries, the websites are all linked by the thought and design that goes into producing them.

The design principles are similar in so much as it is our job to understand several factors: What are the key messages to be conveyed? What are the main influences? What is the industry position of the company? Who is the website aimed at? Is the target audience different from the current audience? How important is being found in search engines? All of these factors enable our team to create a look and feel that has personality and the required characteristics.

As this page suggests, we are a business-to-business team with a great deal of experience in the best way to approach Kent web design while taking into account many different factors, SEO being the most obvious! For example, having produced sales literature and advertising for several house builders, we knew that the website for King & Johnston needed to be image-led. The Glassenbury Shoot needed to have contemporary structure while still reflecting the traditional nature and attitude of the sport, whereas Performers College needed a far more youthful appeal while maintaining the stature of one of the UK’s leading performing arts colleges. Conversely to all of these examples, Chart Stables was solely designed to accommodate all of the most up-to-date requirements of Google.

Websites Built On Different Platforms

If you are looking for the best web designer Kent has to offer, look no further. We have several means of taking website designs through to functioning website pages, depending on what is the most suitable. WordPress has always been popular and will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. Initially rather restrictive, today’s WordPress can accommodate all manner of designs, and we have the skills to work on a purchased pre-made theme or we can create a bespoke theme, meaning we are not restricted or constrained in our designs. Also, the WordPress community is huge, so there is almost always plug-ins available to provide the additional functions and features we may need, including SEO plug-ins.

The Umbraco is increasing in popularity, due to both its user-friendly Content Management System and the ease of customisation, and we are one of just a few web designers in Kent who can say we have Certified Umbraco Specialist skills. Umbraco website design requires the ability to programme using .NET rather than the PHP language of WordPress, and we have the expert ability within our web design agency Kent team. The Cyber6 website was built using Umbraco, as was M.O.M. Systems, both custom-built to our initial designs. Umbraco was also used and coded bespoke to create a new Online Formulary system which is to be used by all NHS CCGs in Kent and several other CCGs and Trusts across the country.

Web Design For Google And E-Commerce

For many companies, being found early on Google is essential. We have the knowledge to tailor our designs to varying levels of search engine accommodation. For specialised and less search engine competitive business, our web design company in Kent can focus on good images while observing the key aspects of Search Engine Optimisation and achieve good search engine ranking, such as with the DBRS website. For more competitive industries, we recommend working with SEO specialists at the design stage to ensure the finer details of Google requirements are taken into consideration. The Chart Stables website took that scenario further to the point that the client was prepared to forego his own likes and/or dislikes in favour of whatever was required to achieve first-page ranking. E-commerce within programming and web design in Kent requires careful consideration, even more so with so much now being done on smartphones. The User Experience needs to be properly thought through to ensure the whole browsing process is easy and organised while the payment process equally needs to be seamless, especially if using third-party payment processors. We have created e-commerce websites using all different methods of build – WordPress, Umbraco and bespoke coded.

Web design agency Kent, Man or Mouse Studio Ltd, is highly experienced in producing creative and visually engaging websites across a variety of industries and disciplines. This can be simple, cost-effective websites of just a few pages or multi-feature sites with or without e-commerce. Starting with a design brief and a discussion of functional requirements, we have the design expertise and the programming expertise to create a user-focused look and feel and then use the WordPress or Umbraco open source platforms as the building blocks or we build bespoke to very exact requirements. Contact us for more information.

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