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Web-Based Applications

Man or Mouse Studio has designed, planned and programmed a number of bespoke applications written to fulfil specific requests. Beginning with a blank screen, applications are programmed from scratch to fulfil any functions, features or purpose required. All information is then editable by the clients as freely and frequently as they wish. Some applications are hosted on the internet and are publicly viewable, some are hosted on internal servers and are only accessible via a login. Projects tend to begin with a conversation: ‘€œwhat we would like is’€ and evolve from there.

We formulate a Functions and Features list, we understand the information and the purpose, and we create some designs which brings the idea to life. Designs often stimulate further consideration which can result in a number of discussions and re-thinks before programming commences! Projects are varied and range from programmed and provided in a fortnight to initial development and on-going expansion lasting some 1200 hours.

For more information, please visit www.momsystems.co.uk

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