At Man or Mouse we have been working with house builders, architects and vending agents for twenty five years.
Our first brochure was for Hillreed Homes and since then we have always had house builders within our list of key clients. Past and present we have worked with Bovis, Hillreed, Fernham, King and Johnston, Melrose, Tatham, Persimmon, Charles Church, Monro, Clarus, Tolman and Jarvis Homes.

Our experience with house builders extends to websites and micro sites, logo and branding design for developments, sales brochures, signage, hoarding and advertising. Sales material includes computer generated images of exteriors and interiors as well as detailed floor plans and site plans.

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Website Design and Build

A good, well functioning website is essential to the modern house sales process. Our websites for house builders are designed to be particularly functional when viewed on mobile devices because they are often referenced on-site. That means that they are easy to use with good navigation which will take the user where they want to go rapidly. All of the websites we produce have full content management facilities allowing the client to upload CGIs, floor plans and site plans, although most of the time we take care of all of that for them. Availability and price information can be updated immediately.

We have produced websites and sales material for house building developments throughout the length and breadth of the country!

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Sales Brochure Design and Production

We always approach brochure design in a creative way. We like to explore interesting angles when considering the design of a sales brochure as well as different format and finishing options. We are always looking for ways to make our brochures stand out from the competition. Property sales brochure design is one of our speciality areas. 

Over the years we have designed and produced scores of successful sales brochures for house builders. Our literature always uses the essence of a building development to create an attractive theme on which the design is based. We produce the entire package, supplying computer generated images of the proposed new houses, take photos of the surrounding area, write copy content as well as produce detailed floor plans and site plans.


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Housing Development Logo Design

Before we start to develop a website or brochure for a housing development, we think about branding. This includes style of design and logo development. Each development needs a visual identity and a logo is central to this. We often work closely with the client who might have their own ideas or we may be given a more open brief. The logo has to work through all media including websites, social media, literature, signage, hoardings and more.

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Computer Generated Imagery

In the last few years the quality and detail of computer generated imagery has improved greatly. We produce CGIs of exteriors and interiors of all kinds of house types, created using architect’s CAD files and specifications so they can be impressive in their accuracy.

Once we have the reference drawings we can render CGIs at different angles as well as change finishes on or within buildings. We have produced hundreds of computer generated images from street scenes to kitchens for many house builders and construction companies. we always remain up-to-date with CGI technology which helps us to achieve the very best results.


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Floor Plan and Site Plan Artwork

Another essential service we provide for house builders and construction companies is the production of site plans and floor plans. Our site plans can either be rendered in a  particular illustrative style or be more diagrammatic in design, depending on what best fits the branding of a housing development. Our floor plans are accurately rendered using reference materials and measurements from architect’s plans. Our site plans and floor plans are always produced to work well within sales brochures, websites and signage.

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Advertising for house builders

We create, design and produce ads for house builders. Advertising can be conceptual or more direct depending on what approach best fits the client’s brief. Our usual way of working is to look at an advertising brief from a number of different positions, allowing us to give the client a variety of ideas to choose from. We also liase with the production departments of publications for ad scheduling and artwork placement.

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