At Man or Mouse we’ve been working with schools and colleges for many years. Our work involves prospectus design and production, website design and build, advertising, vehicle livery and support literature for events. We have to be innovative and creative to be noticed in this vibrant and youthful marketplace.

We have worked for many years with Bethany School in Kent, Performers College in Essex and The American School in London 

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Prospectus Design

We have been involved in the design and production of numerous items of literature for schools and colleges.  The  school prospectus package above is for Bethany School in Kent. The client wanted it to stand out from the rest so we presented a design with a die-cut outer sleeve which had a pocket at the front for 12 inserts. The main 16 page text section of the prospectus was attached inside. The sleeve was stylishly fixed together at the front with a magnetic clasp. The design on the right is one of a selection of new Bethany School Sixth Form prospectuses.

School Year Books

We have been involved in the design and production of The Bethanian (Bethany School’s year book) for many years. It usually runs to more than 100 pages and has to look good on a proud parent’s coffee table. It is an important document for the pupils showcasing their work and achievements. 

We refresh the design a little each year but try to keep the character of the publication the same. We project manage the publication from start to finish working very closely with the school. We get a good variety of interesting design briefs from Bethany School. We produce everything from exhibition banners to party invites and posters to signage.

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Advertising Campaigns

As part of the re-branding exercise for Performers College, we took a fresh look at their press advertising. We had an extensive library of eye-catching photography available to us which captured the essence of the college.  

We have plenty of experience project managing press and magazine advertising campaigns for schools and colleges. We have full involvement in the advertising process. This starts with receiving the creative brief from the client. Creating advertising campaign concepts. These are presented back to the client. Once approved we produce finished artwork and place this with the relevant publication’s production departments. 

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Events Materials

We are often requested to produce a suite of literature, signage and advertising for school and college events. Below we’ve shown a typical example – The Live Well charity auction and gala, hosted by The American School in London. 

This prestigious event is held annually at the London Guildhall. Our brief was to create a visual style which would be used on various items including invitations, signage and programmes. The printing for the programmes was personalised with the guest’s name and a unique prize draw number on each.

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Show Programmes

We design and produce five dance and theatre show programmes each year for Performers College. The production schedule is demanding and it’s essential that the information within each programme accurate. The designs are either based around an existing style or we design from scratch. The finished product has to look good enough for the graduate students to use as part of their portfolio.

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Signage & Livery

We have designed and produced a number of successful vehicle liveries for schools and colleges. The example below was for Bethany school and involved interchangeable mini bus backs featuring a variety of messages and styles.

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