Cubic Collection Point

Route 2 Market

Cubic Collection Point Magazine

Commissioned by Route 2 Market. We have brought a fresh new design to Cubic’s Collection Point magazine. The focus of the magazine is innovation in electronic payment and transport systems. The brief was for a clean looking publication using colour and large images. The process, from submitting initial design ideas right the way through to producing the first new look magazine has been remarkably smooth all the way through – that’s the way we like it!Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Collection Point Example Spreads - Creative Agency Kent
Collection Point Design for Print Cover and Spread - Creative Agency Kent

A clean looking publication – We’ve brought a fresh new design to Cubic’s Collection Point magazine.

Natuzzi Advertising Services

Natuzzi Ad Design for Print - Creative Agency Kent


Advertising Services

Traditional Italian furniture makers, Natuzzi, came to us initially for artwork services. Ad campaigns originated in Italy need adapting for insertions into national and regional UK publications. We provide a rapid turn around artwork service, making sure that every publication has the right ad at the right time. We also provide a design service for POS materials, window displays and in-store graphics as well as advertorials and sales promotions.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Natuzzi Advertising Examples - Creative Agency Kent

Natuzzi relies on us on a regular basis for rapid turn-around advertising and artworking services.

Performers ‘Trust Us’ Campaign

Performers College

‘Trust Us’ Advertising Campaign

As part of the re-branding exercise for Performers College, we took a fresh look at their press advertising. We had an extensive library of eye-catching photography available to us which captured the essence of the college. We needed a colourful approach that would stand out from the crowd in show programmes. ‘€˜Trust us, this is your future’€™ was a sentiment that the client was keen to use and fitted in well with the images to make some striking ads.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Performers Ad Examples - Creative Agency Kent

Some striking imagery and vibrant colour makes this campaign stand out from the crowd.

Performers College Dancing Times Trust Us Ad - Creative Agency Kent

Caterpillar Paving News Magazine

Route 2 Market

Caterpillar Paving News Magazine

Commissioned by Route 2 Market. We work on Caterpillar’€™s International Paving News magazine, reworking and designing the publication around a number of global language translations. Chinese and Russian, no problem.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Caterpillar Paving News Covers - Creative Agency Kent

Localising Caterpillar’€™s Paving News magazine, we are consistent in making sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Caterpillar Paving News Translation Examples - Creative Agency Kent

Cummins Evolution Campaign

Cummins Advertising Campaign - Creative Agency Kent

Cummins Power

‘€˜The Power of Evolution’€™ Campaign

We were asked to produce an advertising campaign which would communicate a number of improvements. Our approach focused on the premise that Cummins generators were constantly being evolved for imporvement in all areas. Use of animals to demonstrate the message was easily related to and understood by the international audience.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Cummins Advertising Campaign - Creative Agency Kent

Our ‘The Power of Evolution’ advertising campaign created new world wide confidence in the Cummins brand.