Cubic Collection Point

Route 2 Market

Cubic Collection Point Magazine

Commissioned by Route 2 Market. We have brought a fresh new design to Cubic’€™s Collection Point magazine. The focus of the magazine is innovation in electronic payment and transport systems. The brief was for a clean looking publication using colour and large images. The process, from submitting initial design ideas right the way through to producing the first new look magazine has been remarkably smooth all the way through ‘€“ that’€™s the way we like it!

Collection Point Example Spreads - Creative Agency Kent
Collection Point Design for Print Cover and Spread - Creative Agency Kent

A brand new magazine design exclusively for the international electronic transport systems industry.

Monro Property Brochure

Monro Homes Brochure Design for Print Spreads - Creative Agency Kent

A clear theme: Due to the location of this development, we hoped that the new residents would be keen on Cricket!

Monro Homes

Cricket Fields, Maresfield

The location of the development was a real gift and gave us the theme and name for this property brochure. We kept to a clean style which allowed illustrations and photography to stand out.

Monro Homes Brochure Design for Print Thumbnail - Creative Agency Kent

Chart Stables Brochure

Chart Stables


Chart Timber Buildings asked us to develop some designs for a brochure which would demonstrate their extensive range of stable buildings. The client was keen that customers would be able to find exactly what they wants and fast so we designed intuitive navigation throughout. We also built in easy to use specification tables and comparison charts. Most of the supplied images were of a wide landscape format so to make the most of them we worked with a landscape layout.

Stables Brochure Design for Print Cover - Creative Agency Kent

The wide feature images supplied by the client demanded a very wide layout in order to achieve the best results.

Stables Brochure Design for Print Spreads - Creative Agency Kent

Bethany Design for Print

Bethany School

Design For Print

We get a good variety of interesting design briefs from Bethany School. There is a requirement for everything from exhibition banners to party invites and inspirational posters to local press advertising. We love to be creative and there is plenty of scope for that with Bethany School. We always try to think beyond the original brief, producing ideas and designs that communicate well in a creative way.

Bethany Advertising Examples - Creative Agency Kent
Bethany Advertising Design Print Examples - Creative Agency Kent

There is always a good variety of interesting design briefs to get our creative teeth into, which is what we enjoy.

Bethany School Bethanian

Bethany School

Bethanian ‘150th Anniversary’ Edition

The Bethanian is an annual publication we produce for Bethany School, which gives a detailed overview of the events and achievements made throughout the academic year. This year, we produced a special edition of The Bethanian in order to mark the school’s 150th Anniversary. It includes an additional section, highlighted by a contrast in design and layout.

Bethanian 150th Anniversary Cover Design - Creative Agency Kent
Bethanian Spreads Design for Print - Creative Agency Kent

The 150th Anniversary section was presented in an alternative style to differentiate it from the rest of the publication.

Cummins Evolution Campaign

Cummins Advertising Campaign - Creative Agency Kent

Cummins Power

‘€˜The Power of Evolution’€™ Campaign

We were asked to produce an advertising campaign which would communicate a number of improvements. Our approach focused on the premise that Cummins generators were constantly being evolved for imporvement in all areas. Use of animals to demonstrate the message was easily related to and understood by the international audience.

Cummins Advertising Campaign - Creative Agency Kent

Our ‘The Power of Evolution’ advertising campaign created new world wide confidence in the Cummins brand.

Trimble Site View Magazine

Route 2 Market

Trimble & Sitech Site View Magazine

Commissioned by Route 2 Market. We work closely with Route 2 Market who produce a number of publications for the engineering and technical sectors.This publication promotes new systems and innovations in precise global positioning based surveying for civil engineering projects globally. After initially conceptualising the publication, we now produce Site View magazine biannually and it has gone from strength to strength in popularity.

Site View Publishing Cover - Creative Agency Kent
Site View Publishing Spreads - Creative Agency Kent

Site View magazine has been very well received by clients and has proven popular with it’s readership.