Caterpillar Paving News Magazine

Route 2 Market

Caterpillar Paving News Magazine

Commissioned by Route 2 Market. We work on Caterpillar’€™s International Paving News magazine, reworking and designing the publication around a number of global language translations. Chinese and Russian, no problem.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Caterpillar Paving News Covers - Creative Agency Kent

Localising Caterpillar’€™s Paving News magazine, we are consistent in making sure that nothing is lost in translation.

Caterpillar Paving News Translation Examples - Creative Agency Kent

King & Johnston Website

King & Johnston Website Design Development - Creative Agency Kent

A smart new website for a property developer, designed to be responsive with mobile devices in mind.

King & Johnston

Website Design & Development

This functional and stylish new website for King & Johnston Homes has recently gone live. The site is designed primarily as a shop window and portfolio for the property company’€™s new developments. All websites we develop are fully responsive to all popular formats. In this case the client especially wanted the site to work seamlessly on mobile devices to help sales staff and potential buyers when viewing or on the way to a new property.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

King & Johnston Website Design - Creative Agency Kent

Charles Church Brochure

Charles Church

Miller’€™s Croft New Homes Brochure

Producing property sales brochures is one of our speciality services. It starts with a design which reflects the character of the development. The brochure for the Miller’€™s Croft development near Edenbridge is a great example. The new development had a very pleasant aspect with views across meadows toward the river Eden. The design reflects the pastoral character of the environment. We also produce the photography, site plans, floor plans and illustrations in house.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Millers Croft Property Development Thumbnail - Creative Agency Kent

The pleasant and traditional character of the locality is accurately reflected in the design of this brochure.

Millers Property Brochure Spreads - Creative Agency Kent

Hillreed Homes Literature

Hillreed Covers Design for Print Property Brochure - Creative Agency Kent

An adaptable brochure aimed at multiple groups, used to target various demographics of potentials buyers.


Redwood Place New Homes

The brief was to design a pack of brochures for the Redwood Place apartments development in Sevenoaks, Kent. The brochure pack had to be modified and edited depending on the demographic of the potential buyer. Ground floor apartments were targeted at affluent retirees. Upper floor penthouses were aimed at younger professional commuters. We devised a system number of inserts to match the needs of the different target buyers.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Hillreed Spreads Design for Print Property Brochure - Creative Agency Kent

Tatham New Homes Brochure

Tatham Homes - Creative Agency Kent

Tatham Homes

Travelia Farm Property Brochure

Design a brochure for a luxury, zero carbon emissions development of two large houses with majestic views across the Kent Weald’€ and not far from London’€ only 35 minutes from Gatwick’€ with extensive grounds adjacent to thousands of acres of woodland’€ and much more! Of course, we used numbers to make the point!Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Tatham Homes Spread Example - Creative Agency Kent

Brochure for a luxury zero carbon emissions development. Numbers were used to present important stats up front.

Monro Property Brochure

Monro Homes Brochure Design for Print Spreads - Creative Agency Kent

A clear theme: Due to the location of this development, we hoped that the new residents would be keen on Cricket!

Monro Homes

Cricket Fields, Maresfield

The location of the development was a real gift and gave us the theme and name for this property brochure. We kept to a clean style which allowed illustrations and photography to stand out.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Monro Homes Brochure Design for Print Thumbnail - Creative Agency Kent