Airtech Branding & Indentity


Branding & Identity

Airtech, specialists in climate control, required a tidy up and rationalisation of their branding and identity. They were keen to keep an existing logo idea so we strengthened it to provide better stand-out and usability. We also selected new corporate fonts and used a consistent design across their range of literature and new website to bring everything into a coherent house style.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Airtech Van Livery and Website Mockup - Creative Agency Kent
Airtech Spreads and Cover - Creative Agency Kent

Bringing all branding within one coherent house style. This includes the logo, livery, brochure and website designs.

Angel’s Face Branding Campaign

Angels Face Advertising Artwork - Creative Agency Kent

Angel’€™s Face

Brand Strengthening Campaign

Children’€™s clothing retailer, Angel’€™s Face had a logo and house style which, over the years had become badly implemented, having no corporate guidelines. The logo was difficult to use and colours were inconsistent. The general effect was a weak identity. We kept the main themes of the angel’€™s wings and heart. Then we brought everything together in a new corporate manual to create a much stronger, usable and recognisable brand.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Angels Face Logo - Creative Agency Kent

Children’s clothing retailer Angel’s Face benefits from brand strengthening, including a new logo and house style.

Comar Branding & Identity


Branding & Identity

Comar produces high specification aluminium window and door systems for large scale architectural projects. The new branding had to grab the attention of architects and specifiers. The client wanted to incorporate a strong icon demonstrating the use of aluminium. Separate elements taken from the icon are used within literature to continue the theme.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Comar Branding Design Thumbnail - Creative Agency Kent

The branding & identity had to appeal to architects as well as specifiers, whilst incorporating a strong aluminium icon.

Comar Screenshot Website Design Development - Creative Agency Kent

Performers Branding Campaign

Performers College

Branding Campaign

A performing arts college is a youthful and dynamic place. So a new, modern and dynamic brand was required. The icon element of the logo features the initial letter ‘€˜P’€™, the style of which is inspired by tracing dancer’€™s movements. Great consideration at the design stage was given to an animated version of the logo which would trace itself onto a screen. For more variability, four colours were proposed to be used with orange as the hero colour.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Performers Branding Advertising Trust US Campaign - Creative Agency Kent
Performers Branding & Advertising Examples - Creative Agency Kent

Performers arts college receives strong, dynamic and modern branding across all web and printed material.

Stannard Logo & Identity


Logo & Identity

Stannard, a highway maintenance and civil engineering contractor, built a strong reputation for quality and reliability, working with local authorities, utilities companies and construction firms across the South of England. They required a strong brand to match their reputation. We decided on a very simple design with good stand-out on the road. The identity had to encompass stationery, vehicle livery, promotional pieces and a website.Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Stannard Logo Livery And Stationary Examples - Creative Agency Kent
Stannard Ipad Website Design & Development Mockup - Creative Agency Kent

Stannard recieved a simple and effective corporate identity which looks good on the road, on paper and online.

Leagh-Hicks Associates Branding

Leagh-Hicks Associates

Logo Design & Stationary

Leagh-Hicks required a timeless design which was both classic and contemporary, representing their Belgravia setting and the nature of the musical theatre agency itself. We produced a logo which fits this criteria and can be used across the entirety of the company’s marketing and communications materials. The branding was introduced across all stationary, including letterheads, business cards and compliment slips. Next Project - Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Leagh-Hicks Associates Stationary Design - Creative Agency Kent
LH Logo on black

Leagh-Hicks required a classic and contemporary design, representing their Belgravia setting.