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Graphic Design Agency Kent | Man or Mouse Studio Ltd

Graphic design agency Kent, Man or Mouse Studio Ltd, has been in operation since Apple Mac computers and desktop publishing appeared and completely changed the industry. Whether you need some simple logo ideas or a large catalogue, we have examples to show. Our weekly activities include logo and branding design, newsletters, flyers and promotional pieces, brochures, illustrations and diagrams and full advertising and marketing campaigns. We never forget that everything we do has a purpose and a role to perform and graphic design is a consideration that is applied in many ways. Whether designing to reflect a brand or to create a brand; to showcase products or inform of a service; to convey a single message or multiple messages, graphic design can revolve around text, images, colour, language and much more besides

Collection Point Design for Print Slide

Creative Kent Graphic Design For All Industries

As a leading graphic design agency Kent, we have designed and built sales & marketing material and advertising & promotional campaigns for many very different industries, from building blocks to leather furniture, or from a performing arts college to house builders. Although they are all different industries, the material is all linked by the thought and design that goes into producing them.

The design principles are similar in so much as it is our job to understand several factors: Is there a brand personality to be conveyed? What are the key messages to be conveyed? What are the main influences? What is the industry position of the company? Who is the literature or advertising aimed at? Is the target audience different from the current audience? All of these factors enable our team to create a look and feel that has personality and the required characteristics.

As this page suggests, we are a business-to-business team with a great deal of experience in the best way to approach Graphic design while taking into account many different factors, For example, having produced sales literature and advertising for several house builders, we knew that the latest brochure for Jarvis Homes needed to be classic and high end target in its look and feel. The Frame Company needed to have a contemporary look while still reflecting the traditional design of some of the products, whereas Performers College needed a far more youthful appeal while maintaining the stature of one of the UK’s leading performing arts colleges. Conversely to all of these sales examples, Collection Point is a B2B communications publication designed with a contemporary and upbeat feel to deliver company news and information.


Graphic Design Kent done in different ways

If you are looking for the best graphic design agency Kent has to offer, then you have found it. We have been producing graphic design for clients in Kent, London and the Home Counties since before the internet and even before the use of computers revolutionised the industry. Design used to be done at drawing boards with layout pads and marker pens and still today, over 25 years since the first use of Apple Mac computers and the birth of desktop publishing, we still brainstorm and sketch out and scribble out ideas on paper. This method is more put to use with a client like Cummins Power when doing conceptual work or thinking of campaigns and how messages can transfer from printed literature to press advertising or to online content.

Alternatively, graphic design can be purely computer generated using software such as Adobe’s Illustrator for graphics, illustrations and logos, Photoshop for images and InDesign for page layout. This purely digital creation of graphic design material is more mainstream as the software enables quick and easy experimentation with colours, images and font styles and format

Graphic Design Agency Kent applications

Graphic design is everywhere. Everything that is produced for people to see will have needed to have first been prepared for production by a graphic designer. Some pieces are very simple and some are complex and complicated, usually due to shape, structure or print finish. Between the team here at Man or Mouse there is nothing produced that we wouldn’t know how to prepare artwork for.

Some examples of pieces we have produced are:

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