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Miller's Croft Brochure Design - Creative Agency Kent

Brochure Design & Production

We like to approach brochure design in a creative way, using the design to communicate the essence of the message. There are always more interesting ways to look at a brochure. We often suggest different sizes, formats, paper stocks and finishes to enhance the overall effect and create a memorable communication piece.

A good understanding of your intendeded commumication is essential. We will listen to your requirements and form a creative brief to ensure that everything is fully communcated to our brochure designers and copywriters.

Property Brochures
We have many years of experience designing and producing property brochures for the construction industry. Apart from developing a creative theme and design, we can write required copy and produce detailed floor and site plans for use with property brochures.

Bethanian Spreads Design for Print - Creative Agency Kent
Brochure Design - Creative Agency Kent

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Charles Church Miller’€™s Croft

Bethany School Bethanian

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Southerland Kitchens

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Tatham Homes Spread Example - Creative Agency Kent