Branding & Identity – Maidstone, Tunbridge Wells, Tonbridge & Sevenoaks, Kent

Branding & Identity

We believe a logo should not only reflect the needs, qualities and positioning of the company, product or service, but also say something of its personality and go on to form its own identity.

Logos need to be designed to reflect the company they represent – strong, bold and industrial; youthful, funky and active; professional, business-like and established – and we have produced many. Sometimes for a new business; sometimes to bring an existing logo more up to date; and sometimes to completely change and relaunch what was there before.

In order to create a logo effectively we have to look at its useage which often means looking beyond a stationery set at different applications – website, literature, advertising, vans, banners… If the rules of useage don’t exist we can create them and logo design becomes the beginnings of a branding exercise.