About Us

A Team Selected For
Their Expertise

Man or Mouse is a multi-disciplined graphic design, website design and web-based software development company servicing clients in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London. Our experience is vast and educated, gained over time by the diversity of completed projects. The company has been operating since 1992 so is well-established, dependable and trusted.

Collectively we are an enthusiastic team of creative professionals dedicated to the effective and captivating presentation of information. With roots in graphic design of identity and printed sales literature, our diversification into new media and website design continues. Our digital skills now range from simple website development to database-driven content management and web-based utility programming.

Director & Sales

Tim has worked in the graphics industry for 30 years, before the internet and before Apple and Adobe. Beginning working life at a drawing board he has managed Man or Mouse through the phases of change to the digital design and application programming world of today. Tim is responsible for listening to our clients’ requests, understanding their business and managing the process of delivering what will work for them and achieve the correct end result.

Office Manager

Jackie has worked with Tim at Mouse for 18 years. During that time she has seen a lot of change and her job has changed accordingly. Starting out as an administration role with no book keeping knowledge she now handles all accounts work single handedly as well as still generally managing the administration. Jackie definitely keeps the ship steady and is an excellent third eye when reviewing designs. She is also a great last line of defence when proof reading!

Creative Design

Mike has over 30 years experience as Creative Designer working in London and Kent. His experience is wide ranging and encompasses everything from advertising art direction to web design and exhibition design to radio commercial scripts.

Web & Systems

Justin is a .NET Developer with over 20 years of IT experience working in the Finance, Banking and Healthcare industries. Originally a C/C++ developer, he has spent the last 10 years developing .NET solutions and now focuses on web development using ASP.NET, MVC, Umbraco and other modern web technologies.

Creative Design

Bradley joined the Man or Mouse team in 2015 after gaining creative experience in London and Kent. He is now responsible for assisting with our Graphic Design, Branding and Artworking services, as well as lending an occasional hand to smaller website development projects when required.


Additional Support is provided by various freelance developers.