Man or Mouse Studio is a multi-disciplined graphic design, website design and web-based software development company. We are an enthusiastic team of creative professionals dedicated to the effective and captivating presentation of information. With roots in graphic design of identity and printed sales literature, our digital expansion has continued with a now extensive portfolio ranging from simple website development to database-driven content management and web-based bespoke programming.

The business has been operating since 1992 and so is well-established, dependable and trusted. Our experience is vast and educated, gained over time by the diversity of completed projects and clients in many very different industries and market sectors. We are as confident working with a house builder or school as we are with a bioscience company or NHS trust. Positioned between Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells we service clients in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Cambridgeshire and London.

What We Do

Creative Design, Stimulating Ideas, Skilled Programming.


Man or Mouse has been in business since before the internet, since before the use of computers, so we have a great deal of knowledge which is used hand-in-glove with the latest tools and techniques. We have seen many trends and approaches appear, develop and evolve into the next so we know just what look and feel suits a product or audience. Creative is what we do, always adding alternative views and ideas to continually freshen the approach. Within our portfolio are extensive examples of Logo, Identity, Branding, Advertising, WebDesign/Development, Sales and Marketing Brochures, Technical Literature, Corporate Publications and Bespoke Software Programming.



Whether a simple static site of just a few pages or a multi-layer site with ecommerce and CRM, we have examples to show. We can build directly using html, we can build on Umbraco or WordPress open source, or we can programme bespoke, preferably in C#.


We never forget that a website is often the first encounter one has with an organisation, whether as a buyer, a seller or a user, so we always endeavour to create a site which is engaging and appealing, whatever the subject matter.


All websites we do are responsive and optimised for viewing on all devices – PCs, tablets and smartphones. often we are rebuilding old sites which were originally launched before smartphones and tablets existed!

Design for Print


We produce modern and functional designs based around creative ideas which communicate key messages with ease. Our experience includes design for brochures, catalogues, reports and accounts, stationery, magazines, packaging, exhibition graphics and just about everything else that ends up being printed.


We are also very good at producing detailed infographics which communicate using graphs, diagrams and illustrations. Sometimes the more information provided the more confusing things become and we have a knack for seeing through the smoke and depicting the salient points clearly and effectively.

Logo Design & Branding


We believe a logo should not only reflect the needs, qualities and positioning of the company, product or service, but also say something of its personality and go on to form its own identity.


Logos need to be designed to reflect the company they represent – strong, bold and industrial; youthful, funky and active; professional, business-like and established – and we have produced many. Sometimes for a new business; sometimes to bring an existing logo more up to date; and sometimes to completely change and relaunch what was there before.


In order to create a logo effectively we have to look at its useage which often means looking beyond a stationery set at different applications – website, literature, advertising, vans, banners… If the rules of useage don’t exist we can create them and logo design becomes the beginnings of a branding exercise.



Advertising takes many forms and we have created scores of solutions for numerous circumstances. The possibilities extend way beyond the most common assumption of magazine or newspaper space and whether your advertising is via traditional printed media, online, or by billboards, banners or brochures, we ensure your message gets noticed.


After getting to know you, your business and your customers we think about key messages which get you heard above the noise of your competitors and work to fulfil strategic goals and results. Eye-catching, unusual, maybe just a different way of saying the same thing, we know that the attention span of the audience is very short so we make sure we make the best use of the time we have with them.

Web-Based Applications


Man or Mouse Studio has designed, planned and programmed a number of bespoke applications written to fulfil specific requests. Beginning with a blank screen, applications are programmed from scratch to fulfil any functions, features or purpose required. All information is then editable by the clients as freely and frequently as they wish. Some applications are hosted on the internet and are publicly viewable, some are hosted on internal servers and are only accessible via a login. Projects tend to begin with a conversation: “what we would like is…” and evolve from there. We formulate a Functions and Features list, we understand the information and the purpose, and we create some designs which brings the idea to life. Designs often stimulate further consideration which can result in a number of discussions and re-thinks before programming commences! Projects are varied and range from programmed and provided in a fortnight to initial development and on-going expansion lasting some 1200 hours.

Artwork Services


We are a practical, down to Earth team and, whilst we love coming up with great ideas and innovative concepts, we also have the all round capabilities to see our ideas through. Whether finding content to continue a theme, drawing maps or plans of new houses, some simple image retouching or some good old fashioned making a silk purse from a sow’s ear, we can do what need’s doing. And hand-made mock-ups are not a problem when equipped with a drawing board, scalpels, set squares and Spray Mount.
Even if the creative is already done, for whatever reason, we can take concepts or master files and take them through to production – insert translated copy, resize for different media insertions, adapt for point-of-sale, continue and develop the concept for a multi-page publication. Anything is part of providing excellent service.

Performers College


Airtech Branding
& Identity


‘Trust Us’ Campaign


King & Johnston


On Call Rota
& IG Flow


Collection Point


Cubic Collection Point


Route One

Caterpillar Paving News


Natuzzi Advertising Services


King & Johnston Website


‘Trust Us’ Campaign


Performers College Website


Chart Stables Website


Acute Medical Take


Comar Advertising Campaign


Lillico Attlee Advertising


Comar Aluminium Systems Website


Medefer GP Referral



Cummins Evolution Campaign


A-Tec International Website


HCA Hospitals Mobile App


Stannard Logo and Identity


Performers Branding Campaign


Chart Fencing E-Commerce Website


Comar Branding and Identity



Route One

Trimble Dimensions Daily News


Tatham New Homes Brochure


DDMoRe Infographics


Redwood New Homes Literature


Formulary, On Call Rota & IG Flow


Route One

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Angel’s Face Branding


Airtech Branding and Identity


The Man or Mouse Team

A Team Selected For Their Expertise


Man or Mouse is a multi-disciplined graphic design, website design and web-based software development company servicing clients in Kent, Sussex, Surrey, Oxfordshire and London. Our experience is vast and educated, gained over time by the diversity of completed projects. The company has been operating since 1992 so is well-established, dependable and trusted. Collectively we are an enthusiastic team of creative professionals dedicated to the effective and captivating presentation of information. With roots in graphic design of identity and printed sales literature, our diversification into new media and website design continues. Our digital skills now range from simple website development to database-driven content management and web-based utility programming.


Director & Sales


Tim has worked in the graphics industry for thirty years, before the internet and before Apple and Adobe. Beginning working life at a drawing board he has managed Man or Mouse through the phases of change to the digital design and application programming world of today.


Tim is responsible for listening to our clients’ requests, understanding their business and managing the process of delivering what will work for them and achieve the correct end result.




Jackie has worked with Tim at Mouse for eighteen years. During that time she has seen a lot of change and her job has changed accordingly. Starting out as an administration role with no book keeping knowledge she now handles all accounts work single handedly as well as still generally managing the administration. Jackie definitely keeps the ship steady and is an excellent third eye when reviewing some of our designs. She is also a great last line of defence when proof reading!


Lead Web & Systems Developer


Justin is a .NET Developer with over 20 years of IT experience working in the Finance, Banking and Healthcare industries. Originally a C/C++ developer, he has spent the last 10 years developing .NET solutions and now focuses on web development using ASP.NET, MVC, Umbraco and other modern web technologies.


Senior Creative


Mike has over 30 years experience as Creative Designer working in London and Kent. His experience is wide ranging and encompasses everything from advertising art direction to web design and exhibition design to radio commercial scripts.




Bradley joined the Man or Mouse team in 2015 after gaining creative experience in London and Kent. He is now responsible for assisting with our Graphic Design, Branding and Artworking services, as well as lending an occasional hand to smaller web projects and additional marketing material when required.

Man or Mouse launches new website

June 2016

You are here! It’s our brand new website, something we’ve been working on for quite a few months. We’ve tried hard to give a good and faithful account of the wide variety of work we produce. Check out our extensive projects section available to view by category. We will be updating the site on a regular basis so please come back to find out what we’ve been doing. Feel free to contact us with feedback.

Specialist Timber Merchant website build go ahead

May 2016

Our website designs have been approved by E.E.Olley, a specialist Timber Merchant based near Dartford. The designs were presented to a number of construction industry professionals to gauge their feedback on navigation, style and ease of use amongst other things. As the designs were well received, we’ve now been given the go ahead to start the build. The site, aimed at architects, builders and specifiers will feature an extensive, easy to use, specialist timber catalogue as well as a guide to their many services.

Positive feedback for new King & Johnston website

April 2016

Designed and built by Man or Mouse, King & Johnston Homes’ new website is now live. Feedback has already been positive with an encouraging number of quality enquiries coming from visitors to the website. The site is designed as a shop window and portfolio for the property company’s new developments and goes into a great deal of detail about each development and property. The site is fully responsive to all popular formats. In this case the client especially wanted the site to work seamlessly on mobile devices to help sales staff and potential buyers when viewing or on the way to a new property.

Redesigned ‘Collection Point’ Magazine now published

March 2016

Our new re-styled ‘Collection Point’ Magazine has now hit the transport industries news stands. The project, commissioned by Route One Publishing for their client Cubic, was to bring a new contemporary style to the magazine. Its focus is innovation and new product development in electronic transport payment systems (Oyster Cards to you and me). The magazine, designed and artworked here at Man or Mouse has met with universal approval. The next issue is due to be designed in October and published before Christmas.

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